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Three-notes voicings comping
on Giant Steps by Romain Pilon

by guitarLayers staff  – 24/07/2018

The following video show jazz guitarist Romain Pilon performing a comping over John Coltrane’s tune Giant Steps.

Romain uses very modern sounding three-notes voicings obtained from the common seventh ones by following a simple process.

Let’s consider a common seventh chord voicing structure: 1 3 5 7.

  1. Remove the 5th from the chord
  2. Modify the remaining 1 3 7 chords by substituting the root with the 9th, obtaining a 9 3 7 voicing.
  3. Choose one, among the three following inversions of the chord: 9 3 7 –  3 7 9  – 7 9 3.

The following two videos show Romain Pilon playing Giant Steps and how to build these voicings with guitarLayers.

GuitarLayers is a professional macOS guitar learning and teaching software. It allows you to visualize and manage, scales, chords and arpeggios shapes through a fully parametric control interface.
Moreover it enables you to visualize harmonic concepts by overlapping shapes on the guitar fretboard thanks to a powerful layering system.

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