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guitarLayers allows you to manage common or custom scales, arpeggios or chords, according to music theory, then shape and overlap them automatically on the fretboard with a powerful layering system.

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Manage scales, chords and arpeggios automatically and according to theory

Thanks to guitarLayers, you can create common scales, arpeggios and chords shapes, but you are also allowed to create and modify them dynamically, note-by-note.
You can remove a degree from a given scale or chord or add a new note to it. You can raise or lower each single structure degree obtaining other common or new custom structures.
You can change automatically the note order obtaining, in real time, scales modes, chord inversions and drop voicings
Save a huge amount of time, do all of it automatically!

Create shapes automatically

By applying guitarLayers  fretboard constraints you can quickly shape chords, scales or arpeggios on the fretboard by using a systematic approach.
You can generate automatically, with the speed of a click, Vertical shapes, Custom Note-Per-String shapes, common CAGED shapes, String Sets selections and Octaves selections, no need to waste your time by building them note-by-note.

Visualize harmonic concepts with our layering system

As stated by the best guitarists, putting in relation structures on the fretboard is the key factor to visualize harmonic concepts.
With layers you can overlap, in a given position, a chord and a scale or, a chord and an arpeggio to know their mutual positions on the fretboard then move together in another position, automatically, with a single click.
You can compare two scales, by overlapping them, to see notes in common or not between them and learn how to play while transitioning from one to another.

Arrange your multi-fretboard layout in real-time 

guitarLayers allows you to arrange fretboards layout in real-time by organizing them in single or multiple columns visualizations. You can also organize your contents in groups of fretboards ready to be browsed like the slides of a presentation software. Powerful fretboards and layers “copy and paste” functions let you save a huge amount of time when creating scales, chords or arpeggios compendiums.


Generate quickly scales harmonizations

guitarLayers allows you to quickly find chords and arpeggios that harmonize a given scale.
You can build both common and custom chords or arpeggios on the first degree of a scale, by picking notes from a  scale you want to harmonize, and then propagate them diatonically along each scale’s degree. 
Do it automatically, with common or custom drop voicings and related inversions.


Print and export your diagrams as images

Use guitarLayers to print diagrams or export fretboards as images, in any format, size, color with or without background. With a powerful “cut and paste” function you can quickly copy an entire multi-fretboards diagram or a single fretboard from it or a single layer, paste it in your favorite text editor or embed it in your videos.


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